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The BES Executive  

On December 19, 2017, the Barbados Economics Society (BES) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and hosted a panel discussion on the Barbadian economy. The panellists, which included Dr. Don Marshall, Mrs. Lisa Gale, Mr. Shane Lowe and Dr. DeLisle Worrell discussed Dr. Worrell’s most recent paper entitled, ‘The Barbados Economy – The Road to Prosperity’. During such deliberations, a robust discussion on the challenges of short-term economic stabilization and longer-term economic development ensued. Panellists noted the urgent need of the government to reduce its current account deficit - thereby restoring fiscal credibility and sustainability, to improve the effectiveness of the public sector in execution of national plans and priorities, and to pursue non-traditional industrial sectors in efforts to improve competitiveness on the local, national and international scales, amongst other recommendations. 

The year 2018 has certainly been a very eventful year for economic adjustment and 2019 proves to be no less important. However, short-term adjustment measures must be complemented with policies for sustained economic growth and development as Barbados strives to compete in an increasingly competitive world. In January 2019, another AGM was convened. The event involved a panel discussion on 'Priorities for Economic Growth and Development in 2019' and featured presentations by Dr. Troy Lorde, Head of the Department of Economics at the UWI Cave hill Campus; Mr. Shane Lowe, President of the Barbados Economics Society and Mr. Simon Naitram, Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Economics at the UWI Cave Hill Campus.

On the Left: Mr. Christopher Kinch, Mr. Justin Carter,

Miss Carol-Anne Blenman and Mr. Shane Lowe


On the Right: Mrs. Lisa Gale, Mr. Kester Guy, Miss Jade Kirton, Professor Winston Moore and Ms. Alexis Lescott.

At the conclusion of the AGM, the membership of the BES elected a new Executive. 

The new Executive members are:

  • President – Mr. Simon Naitram

  • Vice-President – Mr. Christopher Kinch

  • Treasurer – Mr. Kester Guy

  • Secretary – Miss Carol-Anne Blenman

  • Floor members – Professor Winston Moore, Mrs. Lisa Gale, Ms. Alexis Lescott & Mr. Justin Carter 

  • Student Representative – Mr. O'Shannon Vaughan -Dorant

  • Immediate Past President – Mr. Shane Lowe

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